Money row prompted stabbing

A Palmerston North man with more than 60 previous convictions has been sent to prison for stabbing a spear-wielding friend who he believed may have stolen a wallet and more than $1000 from him.

The Palmerston North District Court heard yesterday that Nathan Mark Anderson, 33, went to a friend's house on October 31 last year.

His friend and another person were there, and they hung out for a while before Anderson had to use the bathroom.

When he came back, he noticed his wallet - which had more than $1000 in it - had gone from his bag.

After the three of them searched for the wallet, Anderson left, before returning five days later.

He talked with his friend, before accusing him of knowing where the money went.

The friend's two pitbull dogs became agitated, so Anderson decided it was a good time to leave.

Before running for the back door, he took his friend's bag.

But the back door was locked, forcing Anderson to retreat into the laundry to escape the dogs.

He found a pocket knife and tried to climb out the window, but met a replica metal-tipped Indian spear being pointed at him by his friend.

Anderson managed to get out the back door, where he again saw his friend with the spear.

He grabbed the spear before stabbing his friend in the arm with the pocket knife, then escaped.

Anderson pleaded guilty to a charge of assault with intent to injure.

Defence lawyer Hugh O'Connell said the two men had not known each other long and Anderson regretted what had taken place.

Judge Les Atkins said Anderson had a poor criminal history, but only had one previous assault conviction. There had also been a reduction in offending over the years.

He sentenced Anderson to six months' jail.

Manawatu Standard