Overflowing bin an error - no shift in council litter policy

00:00, May 15 2014
An overflowing bin.

Doggie doo deposits, some of them from homes rather than while out walking, have challenged the capacity of some of Palmerston North's litter bins.

Awapuni resident Dudley Morrison spotted a bin overflowing after the weekend at the corner of Amberley Ave and Pioneer Highway.

He was worried the city council might be shunning plastic bag collection in addition to banning them from recycling bins.

But council leisure assets officer Brian Way said there had been no change of policy for the bin-emptying service.

There had been at least one incident in the last few days in which one of the bins was not emptied on time because of a misunderstanding between two work teams, who both thought the other was doing the job.

"Sometimes litter bins will fill before their scheduled empty," Way said.


"If that is the case, people can call the council call centre and advise the operator, who will log a job to have the bin emptied."

Way said in some cases the problem was caused by people bringing dog waste or other household refuse from home to drop off at bins in parks or on the streets.

"There is no reason why people should not put their dog waste generated at home in their own rubbish bag or in their compost bin," he said.

The same applied to disposal of household waste.

"Filling up parks or street rubbish bins with household waste only ends up costing the ratepayer extra to empty the bin more often and to dispose of the waste."

Morrison confirmed he had seen people bringing bags of rubbish and dog poo from their own properties to drop off at council bins.

He was relieved to hear that the bin had overflowed because there had been a mistake, and that there had been no change to council practices.

The bin has since been emptied.

Manawatu Standard