Anger at wasteful dumping of ducks

00:00, May 15 2014
Johanna Overdiep found two-dozen dead ducks left lying in a roadside ditch near her home at Gillespies Line, near Palmerston North.

A flock of dead mallards has been found dumped in a ditch by a rural Manawatu road, prompting condemnation from Fish & Game.

The ducks were left near the entrance to the home of Johanna Overdiep, on Gillespies Line, near Palmerston North.

Overdiep's daughter Roosje caught a glimpse of them as the pair prepared to drive into the city on Monday.

When they stopped to investigate, 12-year-old Roosje made the discovery of about 24 dead ducks, scattered in the roadside drainage ditch.

The ducks, believed to have been shot, were intact and two black rubbish bags were with the bodies.

Overdiep said her daughter was angry at the waste it represented. She thought the carcasses appeared recently, perhaps left over from the weekend.


The opening of duck shooting season, May 3, was "like World War III" with all the noise, she said, but in the 10 years they had lived on Gillespies Line, they had never had ducks dumped in such a fashion.

Wellington Fish & Game manager Phil Teal said the offenders would face punishment if they could be identified.

Such actions were frowned upon by the majority of duck hunters, he said.

"Most people utilise the duck, that's very disappointing."

Overdiep reported the carcasses to the Manawatu District Council for disposal.

Duck shooting season runs until August 3.

Manawatu Standard