Boards discuss options

00:01, May 30 2014

Both Blenheim colleges were to discuss the future of their schools at board meetings held last night.

Education Minister Hekia Parata yesterday gave Marlborough until August 1 to decide between three options for the future of the Marlborough boys' and girls' colleges.

The options are:

Relocate one or both schools as two single sex colleges on one site or two sites close to each other with a tertiary campus on the same site.

Retain the colleges as they are, with increased ministry assistance for busing between the colleges.

Build one new co-educational secondary school.


Boys' college principal Wayne Hegarty said the college already had their board meeting planned, and the consultation was added to the agenda yesterday.

"We will discuss how we think the consultation process should be run this time and I expect an external person would be appointed to chair the process to meet the August 1 deadline," he said.

He could not confirm how the report and further information on the three options would be shared with the public or exactly when, but it was a priority.

It would be discussed at the initial meeting with the Ministry of Education as soon as possible.

"We have not received the report from the ministry yet, but have asked for it and have been assured we would get it soon," Hegarty said.

Marlborough Girls' College principal Karen Stewart said they too had a planned board meeting last night and would discuss the next step, but would need the report from the ministry before they could make any decisions or do anything more.

Ministry enablement and support sector head Katrina Casey said the information would be released to the colleges as soon as possible.

The report included some estimated costs and more details of each of the options. More detailed costs could only be identified once an option had been confirmed, she said.

However, cost was one of many things people will be asked to consider during the upcoming consultation round.

The ministry had offered to help the boards select a person to lead the consultation process, Casey said.

One of the three options in Marlborough was for the two schools to co-locate to one site.

Although there are many co-ed secondary schools, no two single sex state schools have ever chosen to share a site.

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