Schools raise funds for Malawi

00:00, Jun 04 2014

Students from four Palmerston North schools helped raise $935 to help Malawi, where extreme weather has caused a food shortage.

Fifteen students from Palmerston North Boys' High School, Freyberg High School, Awatapu College, and Longburn Adventist College joined World Vision youth supporter Annie Gummer to rattle buckets in the city centre and at the Albert St market at the weekend.

The money would be split between the schools, adding to money they had raised in World Vision's 40-hour famine, Gummer said.

This year's famine raised funds to alleviate Malawi's food crisis.

It would be some time before the final amount would be known as participants were still collecting money from sponsors, she said.

While most people participating in the famine went without food, others devised creative ways to take part. "For the little ones, not all of them could go without food so there were a few kids who slept on the floor of the kitchen in a cardboard box, or no technology, or they didn't have their bicycles."

Gummer said she was impressed with the professionalism and courteous conduct of the students in the street appeal. "There was one boy who was there from 7.20am until 4.30pm. It was a long day, so a lot of enthusiasm, which was awesome."


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