Funding for Access radio

Access Manawatu has secured funding to ensure local voices stay on air.

The community radio station received $165,000 from New Zealand On Air as part of a funding scheme to ensure a diverse range of voices, languages and music on radio across the country.

Station manager Fraser Grieg said he is delighted that NZ On Air continue to support and invest in the station.

"This secures operation for another 12 months.

"It's our survival, without that we cease to be."

Grieg said the funding covered 60 per cent of costs for the rest of the year

More than $2 million will support 12 regional Access stations throughout New Zealand.

"The funding we provide for radio is diverse," NZ On Air chief cxecutive Jane Wrightson said. "Through it we support a huge range of programming made by and for local communities in 40 different languages, promote NZ music, and ensure children and minority audiences are catered for."

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