Easy on eye bulls sell well

All 33 bulls up for auction at the annual angus bull sale at Marton's Pine Park sold yesterday, with the highest price of $9000 paid for Pine Park H185, a rising two-year-old.

Buyers looked at statistics such as rib eye, rump as well as birth and growth rates, but they also wanted a bull that looked good and had the presence of a sire.

A combination of statistics and eye appeal encouraged some of the 80 people at the annual sale to bid.

Pine Park stud owner Edward Sherriff said it was a good line-up with the average price at $5021. He said all 33 bulls sold because they were a solid lineup, had great temperament and were long-lived.

One came from a cow which had produced ten calves in her lifetime.

A good temperament was important for dealing with an 800 to 950kg bull. They were all a few months short of their second birthday, and would grow further.

Sherriff said he was happy with the sale, which was "solid" and demand for the bulls was strong.

"Farm stud sales have taken over from the national sales [at Aginnovation in Feilding]. A lot of people have sales on-farm, so it has been a trend and I think it'll stay that way."

He was thrilled with the sale at Pine Park. "People liked the consistency, from top to bottom. They're not extreme and the bulls have good fat covers."

Manawatu Standard