Road repair held up

00:00, Jun 10 2014

Planned improvements to Palmerston North's Botanical Rd-Tremaine Ave roundabout have been put on hold because of potential dangers with the location of a 33Kv underground cable.

City council road planning team leader David Lane said the road itself was due for rehabilitation. It carried a lot of trucks, and was starting to show signs of wear.

But council staff wanted to co-ordinate the work with efforts to improve safety.

"The roundabout does have crashes, and some drivers have difficulty using it safely."

The plan was to improve the angles to ensure vehicles had to slow down and drive around the roundabout, rather than move straight through.

"It is virtually a straight line through on Tremaine Ave, which does not really bring speeds down."


The council had gone as far as calling for tenders for the work before concerns were raised about the location of underground services that could be compromised if the road layout was shifted.

The tenders were returned to senders unopened.

The total project, including the safety improvements and the maintenance, could cost more than $300,000, part of which would be subsidised.

The council expects to carry forward a budget of $120,000 into next year so that the improvements can go ahead safely.

Manawatu Standard