Raid could mean end for jeweller

An early morning "smash and grab" at Marton's only jeweller has left the business facing an uncertain future.

Joy and Jim Stantiall have owned Marrs Jewellers for 32 years. Joy has worked in the shop for 55 years, having started there when she left Rangitikei College as a schoolgirl.

The theft, on Wednesday, was aggressive, thieves smashing through three antique glass cabinets and leaving shattered glass throughout the shop.

"They seemed to know what they wanted," Joy Stantiall said.

"I wonder if they had been in before as they only targeted three of our cabinets."

Among the items taken were earrings, dress rings, cameos, greenstone and bone carvings.

Jim Stantiall said the theft was personally upsetting knowing they had been targeted.

Family members from out of town were with them to help clean up the mess.

"It is pretty emotional. Some people in the community are good people and have been very sincere in their disappointment with what has happened."

The couple do not plan to replace the stolen items and and are considering the shop's future. "It is highly likely it may mean the end of the line," Jim Stantiall said.

Joy Stantiall is keen to continue to offer their repairs and engraving services, but said at this stage they may just cut back on the days they open.

As the only jewellery business in Marton, if they did close, it would be "very sad" for Marton and the district, Jim Stantiall said.

Manawatu Standard