Recycled material used on building

22:58, Jun 26 2014
Fine detail: A previous owner of the former Sandilands building returned the original veranda fretwork. It was restored for the new building.

The scaffolding is down and Feilding's latest commercial building in the central business district is open for business.

Its owner Shane O'Brien says people on the street have stopped to congratulate him on the design of the Kimbolton Rd structure, which replaced the historic Sandilands building, which was demolished last year.

Bricks recycled from the original building feature at the base of the structure and the original veranda posts have been restored.

To O'Brien's delight and slight disbelief, builders were approached by a woman who noticed the veranda posts being recycled.

She told them her family used to own the building and when it became empty she was concerned the fretwork would be stolen, so she had removed the material and kept it at her home.

After some repairs, the fretwork has now been restored and returned to its original home.


While the new building took just 14 weeks to construct, O'Brien said planning it was an exhausting 2 -year process.

He had to convince the Historic Places Trust to allow the original Sandilands building, which had a category 2 rating but met only 4 per cent of the building code, to be demolished.

Then there were numerous resource management and building consents to wade through.

"It has been a long and expensive process - but ultimately successful. I have had to take a few deep breaths to get through it.

He said preserving the Sandilands Building did not make sense financially.

"Just saving the facade also didn't stack up. To be perfectly frank, the old facade didn't fit Feilding's streetscape."

O'Brien said he was both a builder and investor in the project. His company Colspec were the builders.

"I have always loved the concept, but it was difficult to get other people to buy into it - until they see it."

The 350-square-metre building has three tenancies. AMI took up residence on Monday.

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