Levin concert raises funds for boys' healthcare needs

Six acts will take the stage tomorrow night to raise funds for three Horowhenua boys with health problems.

Bands Under the Sun, Soulway, Cuppa Joe and Cargill Boys will perform, along with solo act Keelan Ransfield and DJ Clueless at the Levin Performing Arts Centre.

Co-organiser Alicia August said half of the proceeds would go to Chase Nepia, who required a specialised wheelchair, and the other half would be divided between Bostyn Shaw and Austin Stewart.

She said Austin's family had supported the other two boys in previous fundraising efforts by donating furniture to be raffled.

Austin, 7, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 6 weeks old. The genetic condition affects the lungs and pancreas, requiring him to have regular physiotherapy and nebulisers and annual hospital admissions for intravenous antibiotics.

Chase, 10, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at 5 years old. The disease, which has no cure, results in muscle degeneration and skeletal deformities.

Chase is no longer able to walk, and has difficulty standing, his family says. The family moved to Australia for treatment in 2010 but were not eligible for disability assistance.

They planned to move back home eventually, August said.

Bostyn, 4, was diagnosed at 2 years old with a brain tumour, which, due to its location, is considered inoperable. His family said he had physical, social, emotional and academic developmental delays, but appeared to be unaware of his condition and had achieved milestones they were told he might not, including talking.

Manawatu Standard