Award winner sharing acting skills

Award-winning actress Holly Shanahan is shedding some light at the Dark Room on acting for film and television.

In conjunction with Centrepoint Theatre, Shanahan invites actors, drama enthusiasts and young people to develop their skills in next month's workshops.

Shanahan said she really tried to put an emphasis on being natural in front of the camera, something people could struggle with.

"I give people a lot of different things to try, it is hard to be yourself on screen so I give them that experience and help them through it. This isn't just for people who are established in acting it's for young people too, the ones with no experience can be really great."

Centrepoint Theatre artistic director Jeff Kingsford-Brown acted with Shanahan in a pantomime "many moons ago" and said she was a great fit with the theatre.

"I remember her as being a very focused actress and I enjoyed working with her. We have been looking to extend our reach out into the community and when Holly offered the workshops we grabbed the chance and will run with it."

Shanahan has worked extensively in the past decade in New Zealand and Australia. On New Zealand screens she played the character of Jools in episode two of Outrageous Fortune and has acted in 32 episodes of the children's television show Power Rangers. She won a Qantas Film Award for Best Supporting Actress in Kiwi film Secondhand Wedding in 2008.

Shanahan has also been a director, producer, agent and acting teacher.

There will be a junior workshop for 10 to 13-year-olds, one for 14 to 10-year-olds and then a workshop spanning two evenings for adults.

Shanahan will cover basics about the casting process, auditioning, naturalism on camera and performing prepared film scripts. They run between July 9 and 11.

Manawatu Standard