Good times without getting wasted

Youth Space is gearing up for a music workshop and glow party focused on showing youth they can have a good time without being drunk.

Palmerston North musicians Lockdown 06 are running tomorrow's drug and alcohol-free event.

Lockdown member Taipari Waaka, known as MC Icepro, said they wanted to create a space where youth could get away from things they should not be doing.

"We want to provide options . . . the chance to explore their interests and potential career paths," he said.

Waaka said all the Lockdown members had grown up in "the ghetto", so drugs and alcohol were ever present.

"There were very limited options for us when we were young. We were just lucky enough to have a passion to keep us away from it."

Chris Pohe, known as DJ Styles, said the same was the case for some young people who came to Youth Space in Palmerston North, as they saw their families having a good time only when they were drunk.

"We want to be role models in a positive way and promote New Zealand music from a grassroots level," he said.

Youth Space development officer Alan Dingley said the event would be great for showing young people Palmerston North musicians who had done well.

"It shows youth there is a pathway for their talents," he said.

Music workshop: 1pm to 3pm.

Glow Party: 8pm to 11pm.

Manawatu Standard