Talented teen has it all figured out

00:00, Jul 01 2014

Phoenix Reid is figure-skating circles around the opposition and has a treasure trove of medals at home because of it. She added a few more recently, winning two golds, a silver and a bronze at the Laurie Hastie Central Region competition.

Reid is a 13-year-old Awatapu College student who has been skating since she was 5. During her eight years on skates she is slowly and surely working her way through all the rollerskating competitions.

She competed in her first Oceania Rollersports Championships recently, where she won a silver. Reid says she was pleased because she had her first injury before the event and it held her training back.

"I had a hamstring injury and couldn't train as much as I usually would. For about a term I had to fit in physio and stretching. It was really frustrating, so it was nice to get back into it."

Her usual training schedule runs for six or seven days a week and she banks up about 15 hours during that time. She skates for her club, the Manawatu Showgrounds Skating Club, at the Bell Hall skating rink, where she still skates with friends that she began her sport with.

Reid competes in three categories: figures, free skating and dance. She says she hasn't got a particular favourite but says that free skating is a bit more exciting because it consists of jumps and spins.


Figures are skated on circles that have been inscribed on the skating surface and shows off technique, whereas dance brings in an element of performance and character as well.

Reid enjoys drama and singing and says this helps with her performance and her confidence.

Her next move forward is to Auckland for the nationals next month, for which the competitive teen feels she is ready.

"I like the competition, I know a lot of the people that I compete against and we are friends, but when we are on the floor we want to do well."

The ultimate progression would be to go to the World Rollersports Championships held annually, which Reid says is the biggest competition, because rollerskating is not an Olympic sport.

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