Things looking up for Kiwi fans

00:00, Jul 02 2014

London-based Kiwi rock band I Am Giant are releasing their new album on Friday, shooting a video in Germany on Saturday, then getting on a plane for home to start their promo tour next week.

Bassist Paul Matthews said they would be starting south and working their way up, stopping at Palmerston North's Royal in the middle of the tour.

"We are looking forward to putting the album out and taking all these new songs to the New Zealand fans."

Their sophomore album Science and Survival is the anticipated follow-up to I Am Giant's gold-selling debut, The Horrifying Truth, released in 2011.

Bassist Paul Matthews said the band spent twice as long on this one, not because they were feeling the pressure, but because they were more fussy this time around.

"There was a bit of perfectionism going on, we have settled into our sound now that we have been together for a bit. It's a better album, heavier, we have pushed things more."


The new album was recorded in France, where the band spent eight weeks with co-producer Forrester Saville, and in London where they worked on it for 12 weeks. It was then mixed in Melbourne and mastered in New York.

"We have taken more risks with this one, there are progressive parts and elaborate moments. But we still write songs in a traditional way, that's important."

The band work collaboratively on songs, with Matthews being the main writer. He said the album was more intense, yet more intimate as well.

The band have been based in London for the past eight years and have toured extensively through the United Kingdom and Europe during that time. They have a strong fan base in Germay and Poland and are lined up to play in the Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland alongside Outkast, Snoop Dogg and Queens of the Stone Age after their nine-stop New Zealand tour.

Matthews said the German fans were a different crowd, less animated than Kiwi fans, and they were looking forward to playing for a home crowd.

"The Kiwi fans are there for a good time, the German crowd are into the fine details. But at the end of the day it's all about resonating with people, that's what matters."

I Am Giant will be playing at the Royal on July 24.

Manawatu Standard