Justine finds colour after cancer

Drawing her dream: Cancer survivor Justine Godsall has put together a colouring book for grown-ups.
Drawing her dream: Cancer survivor Justine Godsall has put together a colouring book for grown-ups.

Justine Godsall was looking down the barrel of terminal cancer seven years ago.

Today, beyond the odds, she is in remission and is chasing her dreams of being an illustrator in a quirky new way.

Godsall has hand drawn a grown-up colouring book and offered it up on Kickstarter, a website promoting start-up projects. It's been running for 22 days and with seven days left Godsall has surpassed her $600 pledge goal and people are loving her concept.

"Seven years ago I was told I had cervical cancer and that I needed to go home and sort things out, they gave me six months. It was unreal and I thought no way. Now, I am doing what I love and the fact that people love it too is amazing."

Godsall not only beat cervical cancer, she beat stage two breast cancer as well. She said she had ongoing health issues but they were minor compared to what she had fought.

Godsall said she was at the other end of her long, painful battle and if she could prove the doctors wrong, then she could prove anything and do anything.

"This is what I love to do and I had five years taken from me, I feel like a big kid and the Kickstarter project has been a huge confidence builder; I lost so much confidence throughout this."

When Godsall was first diagnosed with cancer she had qualified as a photography student at Palmerston North's UCOL. After spending six months in Wellington for her initial treatment and surgeries and having the lymph glands in her arm removed, her arm was too weak to hold a camera. She returned to her "drawing addiction" and is now three months away from completing her UCOL course in graphic design and illustration, where she has maintained an A average.

"When I think I can't do this I just think back to what the doctor said and I think you know what, I can. I may not be changing the world but I am making it a prettier place with my drawings."

Godsall has plans to use the money gained from the Kickstarter project to cover the costs of printing a run of her colouring books in China.

Manawatu Standard