Focus on the now, Crowe tells students

23:02, Jul 04 2014
Martin Crowe
LISTEN AND LEARN: Members of the Palmerston North Boys’ High School 1st XI cricket team with former Black Caps captain Martin Crowe. 

Focusing on the here and now was the main piece of advice cricketing legend Martin Crowe gave Palmerston North Boys' High School students on their last day of leadership week.

The former Black Caps' captain was on hand to talk about his career and take questions as the week, endorsed by the Sir Peter Blake Trust, came to a close.

Crowe said his time as a top test batsmen taught him about being in the moment, an approach any aspiring leader must take.

"You have to focus on what you're doing right now and then you will get good exam results, and you will play well," he said.

Crowe told students they should also seek out the best possible advice, something his failings at the crease prompted him to do.

"I went and sought help from the best player I could find in the environment I was in."


Current Boys' High 1st XI captain Hayden Spencer said he took a lot from what Crowe said about his time in the Black Caps.

"He's seen it as just look at the next game, don't worry what happened in the past, look towards the future," he said.

Spencer agreed with Crowe that it was important to have good people around you and to seek help from those people.

"Teachers around school usually are probably the main ones that either help you out or get you down, if they're on your side then it's good," he said.

Former Boys' High 1st XI captain and head prefect Navin Patel, who also sat in on Crowe's talk, understood the importance of what the famous cricketer said about parents.

"He said his parents were a big factor in keeping him down to earth and it's the same in my life and I'm sure the same in any of the boys who listened as well," he said.

Leadership week at Boys' High also included a talk by Professor Sir Mason Durie and a school-wide red sock day in memory of Sir Peter Blake.

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