Comic off to tickle US funnybones

00:00, Jul 07 2014

Comedian Cori Gonzalez-Macuer is set to make one of his final appearances in Palmerston North before leaving for the United States.

The award-winning standup will be the headline act at the Globe Theatre on July 18.

He revealed he planned to move towards the end of the year after being involved in shows in the US.

"I always knew I wanted to go there, but that kind of convinced me that I should move," he said.

Gonzalez-Macuer said a change in style would be on the cards to ensure success during his year-long stint overseas.

"Some references you might have to change, like they don't get Shortland Street over there or no-one knows who Jason Gunn is," he said.


Despite having to change the subject of some of his jokes, the comedian said American crowds were generally easier to please than their New Zealand counterparts.

"It's just a Kiwi attitude where you kind of sit there and you're like ‘you're not going to make me laugh'." Gonzalez-Macuer said he may also continue his film work overseas, carrying on from his recent role in What We Do in the Shadows.

"I know some people there and hopefully will be able to work with some people and do some writing."

As for performing in Palmerston North, Gonzalez-Macuer said he had enjoyed his previous audiences.

"I've done a few of the Orientations, which usually get quite rowdy but it's quite . . ." he said.

Joining Gonzalez-Macuer at the Globe Theatre will be MC Vaughan King of TV3s 7 Days, along with Raw Comedy finalists Rob Harris and Dan Shenton.

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