Manawatu's Brazil supporters fight back tears

23:19, Jul 08 2014
GERMAN RULE: Semi-final World Cup football saw Brazil take on Germany. Flavia Alves, a Brazil supporter, pictured with her son, Bryan Macmillian (4).

Brazil supporters were fighting back tears at Flavia's Bistro in Palmerston North this morning.

Football fans piled in expecting a nail biting match for the World Cup semi-finals between Brazil and Germany but by half-time, Brazil supporters were silent and defeated.

The Brazilian cafe on George Street was filled with German fans hoping for a win, and they got it.

''We wanted to win but we wanted it to be close, it's not very exciting anymore,'' Anna Vincent said.

A table of supporters, most from Germany, sat politely with a sly smile as Germany secured their place in the final, cheering each time Brazil came close to a goal.

As the game played on, Flavia Alves, owner of Flavia's Bistro, clung to her seat, wanting at least one goal for her home country.


''I don't think I can watch,'' she said as she faced away from the screen, tears building.

''It breaks my heart.

''Everyone will be crying over there.''

After many near misses, the room erupted with cheer as Brazil finally scored.

''Goal,'' the crowd yelled in their German accents.

Alves jumped to her feet and began clapping.

But it wasn't enough, Germany thrashed Brazil 7-1.

''I'm so upset, I feel so sorry for friends and family,'' said Alves.

''They were in our own country.''

Andres Schielke from Germany was pleased with the win.

''I think it's awesome, I wasn't expecting a result like this.

''I feel really sorry for the Brazilian woman here, but I have to say I have a lot of respect of the Brazilian team that they're still fighting right to the end.''

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