Good online support for music venue

19:48, Jul 09 2014
New venue: Organisers of the Kickstarter fundraising project for Great Job! music venue, from left, Harry Lilley, Dave Stevens and Cam Wilkes.

Palmerston North's music scene is set to get even noisier with the addition of a new performance venue.

Musicians Harry Lilley, Cameron Wilkes and David Stevens have launched a campaign on the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter to help fund Great Job!, a new location for bands to showcase their music.

In one day the page had the support of 50 people and the group were just short of their $2600 goal, with 53 days to go.

Lilley put the success of their fundraising down to a good community and a need for the venue.

"Having support like that from the outset is just huge and it just shows how much people care about this idea and this project, and it just shows how much desire there is to have a place like this."

Not only did the Grey St performance space find financial backing, the group say they have also been swamped with bands interested in playing there.


"We've got a couple of shows fully booked already. The amount of interest is just phenomenal," Lilley said.

They have had interest from bands from as far away as Melbourne. The group say the idea came out of necessity for a good, regular, friendly and appropriately-sized space to enjoy live music.

"It's an idea that's been around for ages; well before us," Lilley said.

"We're really excited to see something we've been working towards get so much support."

The money being raised will pay for the first quarter of annual rent but the group say they will be able to make the site self-sustaining with just a gig a week.

Wilkes - who also works at Palmerston North's The Stomach music venue - said that the intention was for the two sites to work together to grow the music scene.

"As awesome as it [The Stomach] is, a single destination isn't a community, you need other stuff to keep it going."

The new venue will be not-for-profit. "We also just want it to be fun," Lilley said.

"If everything's too serious then what's the point?"

The all-ages Grey St venue can hold 60 people at a time and is expecting three to four bands per weekend.

The debut gig will be on July 18, with Wellington trio The All Seeing Hand headlining.

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