Praise for Green Prescription

00:00, Jul 10 2014
Carolyn ‘‘Toddy’’ Greig
Success story: Carolyn ‘‘Toddy’’ Greig has lost weight and developed a daily exercise habit since completing Sport Manawatu’s Green Prescription programme.

Sport Manawatu's Green Prescription programme has exceeded expectations not only for participant Carolyn Greig, but for the Ministry of Health, too - for the third year in a row.

A national survey has revealed the organisation's programme, which helps people referred by their doctor to adopt healthy lifestyle changes, has excelled over Ministry of Health national targets.

Sport Manawatu chief executive Trevor Shailer said he was thrilled, but not surprised by the results.

"Our Green Prescription programme is one of the best in the country. Our people work tirelessly, and have exceeded their targets across the board for the past three years, something which is by no means an easy task," he said.

"We have had numerous successes on the programme over the past year. One highlight is seeing numerous participants linking with sports providers in the community and creating sustainable change."

One such success is Carolyn "Toddy" Greig, who since beginning the programme in September last year has lost 20 kilograms and participated in many walking events and duathlons.


"Before beginning the programme I was pretty much doing zero exercise. I was finding that I would be feeling very tired and lethargic when I got home from work so had little motivation to go out and do some exercise.

"As a result of lack of physical activity I found myself overweight and unfit," Greig said.

She was now exercising every day, had changed her eating habits and had her type II diabetes under control.

"I really enjoy biking and walking as I get such a positive buzz when I've finished," she said.

"The support and encouragement that I received from the Green Prescription programme was what really got me in the right positive mindset to prioritise my health," she said.

Greig said she planned to participate in more events this summer and hoped to do a full triathlon.

The annual MOH survey is sent to participants of the programme from a specific period in the past year and looks at behavioural and nutritional changes, physical activity engagement and whether or not they received appropriate support and advice.

Participants rated Sport Manawatu's programme above average for all nine performance indicators.

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