World Cup kickoffs too early for pubs

Football fans have slowly been coming out of the woodwork in the lead up to the World Cup final, Palmerston North businesses say.

With the Fifa World Cup final right around the corner it seems more supporters have sprung up for the top teams.

Kelly's sports store salesman Craig Meyer said in the past couple of days they have sold more Argentinian and German jerseys.

But Meyer said throughout the event they had not seen a big difference in sales for football gear.

"I'm not surprised, we're a rugby-mad nation."

Argentina face off against Germany on Monday at 7am and it seems the early start has prevented many establishments in Palmerston North from cashing in on the event.

Celtic Inn owner Neil McIntosh said they will "have something on for the final" but only expect to get the regulars.

"I had a few in [on Thursday] to watch the semifinal, I'm sure they'll be back for the final.

"We're restricted because you can't sell liquor before eight o'clock."

Paul Glover, manager at The Albert Street Sport Bar, blamed the early start for the lack of enthusiasm.

"[The timing] is not good really, not good for a Palmy-style bar.

"It's more likely the bars in Wellington, where they have breakfast, that'll do something."

The early start has been the barrier for The Daily, manager Nicole Mouldey said.

"It's too early to do anything and we haven't done anything through the whole World Cup event."

Flavia's Bistro has been the hot spot for World Cup celebrating; they have been airing each game from the start.

They will be open early on Monday morning for the game and hope people pack in for it.

Owner Flavia Alves said they have seen a small surge in business because of the World Cup but not a drastic change.

"Not many are into soccer, more into rugby, one day New Zealand will love soccer."

Rebel Sport on Rangitikei Street has been showing the semifinals in store, which has been pulling a few punters inside, salesman Troy Kumeroa said.

He said they have been selling more soccer balls than usual. "People have been asking for soccer jerseys that they play in but we don't really have them."

Manawatu Standard