Windows broken, cash stolen from cars

Youths hunting for loose change may be responsible for a spate of car window smashings in Feilding, police say.

Evening workers at Feilding's Ranfurly Manor Rest Home were among the victims of the 10 car window smashings at the weekend.

Ranfurly facility manager Chris Hartell said four staff members had their car windows smashed in the Monmouth St car park between 8pm and 8.30pm on Sunday.

The fourth car had an alarm activated, which possibly scared the offender or offenders away.

On Saturday night another car in the staff car park had a window smashed. Feilding police Constable Kevin Dalzell said there were reports of 10 cars having their windows smashed throughout Feilding at the weekend. Loose change was stolen from some of the vehicles, which led police to think the wilful damage might be related to youths wandering the streets at night during school holidays.

"We have nothing to substantiate it is youth or school children offending, but as they only seem interested in loose change, it is a line of inquiry we are following," Dalzell said.

He said the same rear quarter windows were being targeted in the attacks, but would not comment on what might have been used to smash the windows.

Hartell said the window smashings were disappointing for rest home staff.

"Here they are looking after the elderly, doing a good job and some mindless youths go and do this.

"They [the staff] had to drive home with smashed windows, remove the glass and then organise getting it fixed. For some, the cost is not enough to be covered by insurance."

Hartell said the car park was fairly well lit, with security cameras operating and residential homes just across the road.

The facility is reviewing its security and police have looked at the camera footage.

Police are working to identify those responsible and are considering if more than one person was involved.

Vehicles also had windows smashed in Fitzroy, Monmouth, Denbigh and Nelson streets and Highfield Rd.

Dalzell said it was a reminder for people not to leave any valuables in their cars, particularly if they could be seen.

He asked people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

"We are always open to people contacting us if something doesn't seem right, rather than us dealing with a crime the next day," Dalzell said.

Manawatu Standard