Moving with the times

After more than 100 years in the same spot, a house rich in history has been cut in half and taken to Bulls.

Paul Robert, who had owned the house at 252 Broadway Ave in Palmerston North for about 30 years, had mixed feelings as it was cut in preparation for the move.

Yesterday, as men in tool belts began dismantling the roof of the historic home, which Robert and his wife had spent years restoring, he said it would be hard to watch it get taken away.

"Whether or not it's a good thing, that will be for the next generation to decide. When I was growing up, there were all houses along that strip - both sides of the street."

Robert bought the house in 1985, and before that his parents had owned it, but the influx of commercial property was what had forced him and his wife to sell up.

"When the commercial building went up next door it probably dawned on my wife and I that it was time to move on."

The house was moved to Bulls last night, where it will be put back together and sold again.

"Out of the old sometimes come a new lease on life; hopefully that is what will happen to 252 Broadway."

Allan Ford purchased the property about 12 months ago.

He would not discuss the purchase price and said the intention had always been to build a commercial property in its place. He would not go into further detail other than to say he expected the new building to be completed by March next year.

Manawatu Standard