Kids' garden prize stolen

00:00, Jul 17 2014

Gardening supplies won by North Street Community Playcentre in Feilding have been stolen.

The centre won a $250 voucher for garden products in a Tui competition last year.

Centre supervisor Maria Gabbott said she was saddened by the theft.

"What's upset me the most is it was for the kids and won by the kids."

Playcentre children, aged up to 5, had planted their own garden for the competition. They created a rainbow vegetable garden, rockery and herb garden, Gabbott said.

With the voucher, the centre had bought bags of compost and potting mix to plant this year's garden.


It is believed the supplies were stolen on July 5-6 or June 28-29.

Gabbott said planting the garden had been an awesome learning curve for the children.

"They love planting a carrot seed, watching the little shoot come up and knowing they would be able to take a carrot inside and eat it."

Gabbott said the kids loved the garden.

"They treat the garden with such respect, they tend to it, they water and weed it - it's their pride."

The theft has been reported to police.

"Hopefully the person who did it reads this and it tugs at their heart strings a little; it's stealing from kids."

Manawatu Standard