Art teachers showcase their works

00:00, Jul 22 2014

School starts back this week and most teachers will have enjoyed a rest over the holidays; but not a particular group of art teachers who have been busy putting together an exhibition over the break for Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts.

The Art Room is a showcase for art teachers and the art they practise rather than that of their students.

Exhibition organiser Jon Clarke, from Palmerston North Girls' High School, said art teachers were always feeding out ideas to other people and this was their chance to focus on their own work.

"The more you dedicate yourself to helping your students, the less energy and creativity remains available to spend upon yourself."

The Art Room exhibition gives them a space of their own, with at least seven Manawatu schools being represented and a variety of media included: painting, printmaking, mixed media, ceramics and photography.

Clarke will be showing his small ceramic sculptures in the exhibition. He said the need to create was an important part of being an art teacher. "It's good to show students that you also make art and it is good for them to see it. It helps them to see where you are coming from and relate.


"We are so busy as teachers, the last time we did this was five years ago. It was time for us to reinvigorate and do something."

The thinking behind the title The Art Room came from an idea that the exhibition would reflect that environment. Clarke said the art room in any school was a special place with a unique feel.

"We are all passionately creative people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and work across a range of media.

"The collection of work is therefore quite unusual as the binding aspect is not in the work but in the shared background of the artists. It will be interesting to see if shared themes come through."

The Art Room exhibition will open on July 23, with a reception for the artists on July 25 at 5pm. It will continue until August 9.

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