Turbos back non-smoking lifestyle

The Manawatu Turbos may be smokin' hot rugby players but they're definitely not smokers.

Turbos players Jade Te Rure, Otere Black and Antonio Kiri Kiri were high-profile visitors yesterday to the new Cessation Station, which started earlier this month to encourage people to quit smoking.

Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga smoking cessation team leader Fay Selby-Law said the station was a walk-in clinic in Palmerston North for people wanting to quit smoking.

"It allows people to just walk in off the street, for those who aren't motivated by a health event or haven't been told to quit, they are just making the decision for themselves. They can walk past and just decide."

Smokers needed a variety of options to quit and this was another option, Selby-Law said.

"The Whanganui quit clinic is a walk-in clinic and is really successful, so it's a good model to follow. We want to see if we can do the same thing and encourage people to come in off the street."

Turbos first-five Jade Te Rure said being smokefree was important as a rugby player. "[Smoking is] probably not so good for your lungs, it affects your fitness levels, and you want to be as fit as you can leading up to big games."

People could also sign up for the group quit challenge - Wero Challenge- at the Cessation Station.

Nopera Rikihana, who is the Wero Challenge co-ordinator in the central region, said most people found it a lot easier to quit in a group.

The Cessation Station is at 160 Grey St on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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