Police chase robber

19:43, Jul 30 2014

Police are searching farmland in southern Manawatu tonight for a man who robbed two stores in Levin.

A number of officers have been searching for the alleged offender in the Opiki area, north of Shannon, with the aid of a helicopter and a police dog.

A car chase had begun about 6.45pm with the man clocking speeds of up to 160kmh, with police in pursuit, after he allegedly robbed the shops.

He travelled north on State Highway 57 before turning onto SH56. He dumped the car outside a rural house south of Opiki and fled into a field.

Police cordoned off the area and have been searching since, Inspector Chris Tate from Police Central Communications said.

A police dog was called in to track the offender's scent from the house and a HeliPro helicopter was called in to help search the area while police cars traversed roads in the area.


Manawatu Standard