Stolen goods recovered, two arrests

00:00, Jul 31 2014

A search of a Palmerston North home has resulted in two arrests and the recovery of stolen goods believed to stem from nine burglaries.

A recent spike in Manawatu burglaries saw the average weekly rates shoot up to the thirties two weeks ago, a rise from Palmerston North's low twenties average.

The following week burglaries had dropped slightly, but remained in the thirties.

Detective Sergeant Chris Payne said a search of the property, carried out about mid-morning on Tuesday, recovered an array of items that were believed to have been stolen, including furniture, children's toys, electronics and alcohol.

The property was believed to have been largely taken from Palmerston North homes, but the owners of some of the property seized had yet to be identified, so it was possible that some of the items were from homes further afield.

No-one was home at the time of the search, but police tracked down and arrested two people, a 24-year-old Palmerston North woman and a 33-year-old Feilding man, about 10.45pm that evening.


Both have been charged with receiving stolen goods and the man also faces dishonesty charges.

The pair were in a vehicle with a third man, but he managed to evade police.

Police have issued a warrant and are searching for him.

The arrest of the pair is expected to make a significant dent in the burglary woes the city has been facing.

Manawatu Inspector Brett Calkin said burglary rates in Palmerston North had dropped in the past seven days to 23, but were still slightly higher than the usual late teen to 21 burglary figures.

"We're really confident we're on the right track and that the latest arrests are going to have a significant impact on the number of burglaries in Palmerston North this week," he said.

In Horowhenua, Levin police had found themselves dealing with the same problem, but levels had come down again of late, Calkin said.

A rise in burglaries has been felt across the Central North Island in recent weeks, prompting police in Palmerston North, Whanganui and Taranaki to work together after 70 homes in Whanganui and 15 homes in South Taranaki were also burgled in six weeks.

As a result of their combined efforts, searches at several Whanganui and Hawera addresses had led to the arrest of five people last week.

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