Planting the seeds of growth

19:38, Aug 04 2014
trees land
Growth plans: Bunnythorpe School students Kali Edwards, 9, left, and Jennifer Morris, 12, show off their science project, which is about germinating kowhai seeds.

Bunnythorpe School pupils Jennifer Morris and Kali Edwards have spent six weeks watching four samples of seedlings grow, or in some cases not.

The pair have investigated what affects kowhai seeds' germination, comparing the cultivation of chipped, sanded, vinegar-soaked and untreated seeds.

The girls' individual projects didn't pan out but their teacher, Richard Pedley, came to the rescue with an idea sparked from the school's own kowhai trees.

"He inspired us; we were both doing separate projects and they weren't going right," Kali said.

"And we wanted to find a better way to treat kowhai seeds without the stinky chemicals and unhealthy stuff," Jennifer said.

The girls were working on the finishing touches of their project yesterday, decorating a presentation board and finishing off their log book, in time for the school's fair next week.

The pair agreed the project had been fun, challenging and they'd learnt a lot - and to say thanks for their teacher's guidance they were considering a batch of blueberry muffins.

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