Ashes returned at crematorium

Ashes scattered at the Kelvin Grove crematorium rose garden that were gathered up during a beautification project are being returned to the new wagon wheel garden.

Work on the Palmerston North City Council project to create the circular garden setting for people to remember loved ones enters its second phase in spring.

Leisure assets officer Brian Way said the new, professionally landscaped garden design would provide a more pleasant place for people to place plaques, bury ashes, and pay tribute to people who had died.

The work began last year, but was interrupted while the council took time to explain and apologise after people were taken by surprise to find scattered ashes had been disturbed.

Ashes had built up on the gardens, causing the soil quality to deteriorate, and the health of the roses was suffering.

Way said the soil containing ashes had been carefully removed and stored during construction of the new gardens, and was used to fill sections of the new gardens of circles within circles.

The same process would be followed during the second stage of the project when another couple of rose gardens would be replaced.

The first stage of the new circular garden kerb plots was complete.

The next involves installing a low memorial wall.

Manawatu Standard