Frozen meat targeted in break-ins

00:00, Aug 07 2014

A burglar with a craving for meat seems to be behind a surge in the number of burglaries in Levin in the past week.

Community Constable Graeme Jarvis said there had been a notable increase in break-ins, mostly to houses, with frozen meat targeted.

In the week to Tuesday there had been 13 reports of burglaries, two at non-residential rural buildings, one commercial property, and 10 houses.

"Frozen meat has been popular, but items stolen include food from freezers, computers, tablets, phones and cash . . . portable items, and, in a few, large TVs have not been taken; suggesting offenders are carrying away stolen goods on foot, at least for some of the way.

"Often bags from the address are also missing, and police suspect stolen items are being carried away in the bags." The incidents were spread across different areas, but police suspected many of the break-ins were carried out in the early evenings, Jarvis said.

Intruders had entered most of the properties by smashing windows, or in some cases doors. Jarvis urged people to make their homes look lived in. "Leave some lights on, perhaps a radio or television, and remember to lock all doors and windows, including garages."


Manawatu Standard