Pop-up art market a place to hang

00:00, Aug 13 2014

A pop-up shop is being planned for Palmerston North's Square Edge - it will be supermarket-themed but with products that are distinctly arty lining the shelves.

Art Mart is bringing together a range of Palmerston North artists, about 20 in total, giving them a space to sell their wares and for the public to grab an original piece of art for under $40.

Organiser and artist Kirsty Porter said Art Mart would also be a place to create real networking opportunities for the artists.

"It's not just about selling, it's about everyone being included. Meeting up and having fun with like-minded people."

Porter said the idea came about from seeing the empty spaces at Square Edge and wanting to fill them up with interesting things.

"We want to get people in here. It is such a great facility and we want to see it used. The supermarket theme is just a fun thing and we are saying to those contributing that they can replenish and rotate stock as we go along and add things here and there."


Porter put a call out to artists and said she had a great response from all sorts of artists and groups wanting to get on board. A weaving group, life drawings, poetry, soundbites and paintings are just some of the things available.

"It's also a way that artists can get all the stuff they have banking up at home out. I know I have a backlog of stuff from things I have done for classes, sometimes 10 paintings for one project."

Artists are working on a roster basis to man the shop, powering the pop-up shop with volunteers, and Porter said turntables along with an occasional DJ would add to the atmosphere.

Artist Sarah Bingle will be there with her unique Miss Candy Stripes boutique art, and said she was excited to be involved.

"This will have an art slant that other markets don't have. Markets have gotten a bit generic with the samish stuff. I like a bit of a punk rock ethos and this has that, I think."

Artist Ruth Stephens likes the quirkiness of the pop-up shop idea and will be including all sorts of things that she has made: upcyling, painting and drawings.

Art Mart will be set up on August 24 and 25 and will run until September 14.

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