Poison suspected in dog deaths

21:07, Aug 14 2014

Animal control staff are warning Palmerston North pet owners to be cautious when taking their dogs to the Bridle Track after two suspected poisonings in the area.

Palmerston North City Council animal control officer Aaron Thornton said two dogs may have been poisoned in the area of track behind the Victoria Esplanade in the past 24 hours.

''Both dogs presented with the same symptoms prior to death, which were vomiting and very lethargic,'' Thornton said.

"It is concerning. We have alerted the police, Horizons Regional Council, the SPCA and local veterinarians."

Though there was no proof poisoning had occurred, the City Council's Animal Control Team wanted to make the public aware that it was a possibility and that dog owners should take necessary precautions, he said.

The vet who treated one of the dogs strongly suspected poisoning.

"We are asking dog owners to take particular care. The Bridle Path, behind the Esplanade, is a lead-only area, using a lead will help prevent your dog from rummaging, which will help keep them safe. And for the time being it would be wise to keep your dog on a lead along the entire Bridle Path."

Thornton said there was a similar possible poisoning case in the city last September when a dog also had to be put down.

Anyone with information about the incidents is encouraged to contact the Palmerston North police.


Manawatu Standard