Owners may not be risking dog trail

20:49, Aug 15 2014
dog trail
WOOF WOOF: Basil Poff takes Ziggy for a walk along the Bridle track after links have been made to two dogs being poisoned after walking through the area.

There was a lack of dogs taking Manawatu Riverside walkway trail following news of suspected poisonings.

Animal control officer Aaron Thornton announced on Thursday that the council had been notified of two dogs that had died, potentially poisoned. Both had been on the Manawatu Riverside Walkway, behind Victoria Esplanade, within 24 hours earlier.

They had been vomiting and lethargic before dying.

Although there was no proof poisoning had occurred, the council's animal control team advised people to be aware of the possibility and recommended dog owners take precautions.

That included keeping a lead on dogs right along the walkway, not just in lead-only areas such as the space behind the Esplanade.

Whether it was the time of day, icy winds or concern over the news, there was scarcely a furry friend to be seen on the walkway when the Manawatu Standard stopped by near Albert St yesterday afternoon.


A well-rugged up Basil Poff and border collie Ziggy were undeterred, though.

He and Ziggy, 9, were regular visitors to the walkway, but he was unaware of the warning to dog owners.

Ziggy did like a dip in the river, though, particularly in summer, and Poff tried to minimise his water time because of concern over the state of the Manawatu River, he said.

Simon Coom, who runs the popular Dogday Sunday programme, said the news of another potential poisoning had not created quite as much panic as the previous one, last year, but still outraged dog owners.

Allegations of a dog dying after eating a piece of poisoned meat were made in September, but the cause of the death was not confirmed.

Vet Malcolm Anderson said anyone whose dog displayed symptoms that included vomiting, lethargy and excessive trembling, should take their pet to a vet.

Suspicious behaviour should be reported to police.

Manawatu Standard