Spark reroutes home line to phone box

A Foxton man is fuming at newly-rebranded telecommunications company Spark after his home telephone and internet lines were apparently switched with a public telephone box.

Geoff Jaggard said he discovered the problem on Friday when his son called his cellphone using their home phone.

The number that came up on his cellphone was not the home phone number.

After a call to Spark - Jaggard's phone company - the son discovered the line had been switched with that of a phone box in the town.

While Jaggard said having all his phone calls going to a public phone box was worrying, as well as a potential breach of privacy, his biggest gripe was with Spark's lack of concern.

Staff did not seem concerned about his worry about privacy breaches, he said.

"How do I know who has been answering all my phone calls?

"If they said ‘yeah, right, we screwed up', I would be OK.

"It's absolutely bizarre."

Jaggard said he was also worried about how his next bill would look, as his internet was attached to his phone line and had not been working since the switch.

"It's a phone box which has wi-fi.

"I'm waiting to see how much data has been used."

A Spark spokeswoman said they were still investigating to confirm exactly what happened, with results expected today.

"Obviously we want to apologise to the Jaggards for the problems they've had with their phone."

There was no evidence any calls to the Jaggards were answered by anyone else, she said.

Manawatu Standard