Fly-tippers hit Red Cross Shop

21:13, Aug 18 2014
WHAT A MESS: Aron Rastrick sorts through rubbish dumped at the Red Cross Shop on Main St, Palmerston North.

Another Palmerston North second-hand goods store has been hit by flytippers, with the dumpers leaving soiled nappies, empty liquor boxes and cans, and phone bills which could identify who they are.

Staff and volunteers at the Red Cross Shop on Main St were confronted with a large pile of junk when they turned up for work yesterday.

Soiled nappies, ripped couches, mattresses, RTD boxes and cans, a television set and general household rubbish were among the items in the pile.

This incident comes on the back of a pile of broken wood, carpet offcuts, chicken wire, broken chairs and empty boxes being dumped behind Arohanui Hospice Shop last Thursday.

Red Cross Shop manager Suzette Alderdice said there had been a two-month lull in flytipping at the shop after they installed better security cameras.

While footage was yet to be viewed, it was highly likely the tippers would be identified, she said.


The tippers had also left a box with an address on it, and some of the rubbish included phone bills with the customer's name on them.

Alderdice said she would be passing on any details to police, and possibly make her own lines of inquiry.

Most dumps happened on Monday morning, and had to be cleared away by volunteers and taken to the dump - an expense paid for by the shop.

Alderdice said people often dumped goods, then other people came along and took things from the pile before shop staff turned up in the morning.

"One time a person got a queen-sized bed, took the legs off and put the mattress on the roof and drove off without it being tied down."

Any items in the pile which could be of use to people would be placed on the kerb outside the shop, freely available for anyone to take home, she said.

After a day, they would be taken to the dump.

Palmerston North City Council staff have done a survey on the issue, which will be discussed at a city council subcommittee meeting in about two weeks.

Manawatu Standard