Phone not linked to payphone

00:00, Aug 19 2014

Telecommunications company Spark is apologising to a Foxton man for misinforming him about his phone being redirected to a phone box, when it appears human error during line maintenance left it in limbo.

Yesterday, the Manawatu Standard reported the story of Geoff Jaggard, whose phone line was switched.

Instead of his home phone line being connected to his house, it was connected to another phone.

When he called his phone company, Spark, a customer service operator told him it had been connected to a public payphone instead.

A Spark spokeswoman said the line for Geoff Jaggard and his wife had been connected to a phone inside a locked Chorus network cabinet.

The Spark employee Geoff Jaggard first talked to had incorrectly assumed the cabinet phone was a public payphone.

The spokeswoman said it was likely Chorus had been doing testing work when the switch took place.

"As the cabinet infrastructure and the repair work on the fault are owned by Chorus - a separate company to Spark - it was difficult for us to determine exactly what had happened during the weekend.

"We'd like to apologise to Mr and Mrs Jaggard for the inconvenience caused by the fault on their home line."


Manawatu Standard