Man jailed for spade attack

04:02, Aug 19 2014

A Palmerston North man who once left the city to find a better life is headed back to prison after assaulting his partner with a spade.

Hughie Waki Marino, 29, was sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court today to 10 months' imprisonment for assaulting police, male assaults female, disorderly behaviour and wilful damage.

On June 2 he was outside his address in Palmerston North when his partner arrived home in a car.

Police were following close behind and arrested her, which Marino took offence to.

He started being aggressive towards them, before being arrested.

He punched and kicked at a police officer when arrested.


Four days later Marino and his partner were having drinks at their home when they got into an argument.

As she went to leave, he kicked her in the back.

Once she got outside she picked up a spade, and used it to defend herself when Marino lunged at her.

She split his lip open, before dropping the spade and apologising.

Marino picked up the spade, chased her, and hit her multiple times with it - causing severe bruising on her legs and a cut on her head - after she slipped over.

She fled to a nearby house, which Marino threw beer bottles at, smashing windows.

Marino was known to the court, having six previous convictions for violent offending and others for non-compliance.

He was 25 years old in 2010 when he became emotional while telling a trial in the Palmerston North District Court how he wanted to turn his life around.

At the time, he was serving a jail term for his part in the aggravated robbery of the Cloverlea TAB in 2005.

"I've got my family now and my work, I don't want to be here. I've moved away from Palmerston North to get away from all of this," he said while giving evidence during the trial of one of his co-offenders.

In court today, defence lawyer Tony Thackery said Marino was drunk when he assaulted his partner.

''Intoxication is no defence or excuse, but it is an explanation."

Judge Gerard Lynch said the offending against Marino's partner was the most serious, especially as he assaulted her while she was on the ground.

Manawatu Standard