Hefty sentence for fuel thefts

00:38, Aug 20 2014

A Palmerston North man who stole fuel from his employer has been given a hefty sentence of community work.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, Kiria John Tangaroa, was given 150 hours' community work on nine charges of obtaining fuel from KiwiRail by deception and one charge of benefit fraud.

As part of his job at KiwiRail, he had access to company credit cards.

The cards were supposed to be used only for buying petrol and oil for KiwiRail but, between January 14 and February 20, he used the card on nine occasions to fill up either his Holden Commodore or other cars, to the tune of $898.99.

Defence lawyer Mark Alderdice said the breach of trust between employee and employer was an aggravating factor. He said Tangaroa would be able to repay all money outstanding, $898, immediately.

Judge Gregory Ross said the matters were serious but he would take into account the fact Tangaroa was fired from KiwiRail.


Manawatu Standard