Target: 2208 burpees for good cause

DOWN AND UP: Blair McGregor is part of the Flex Fitness group a burpee challenge for Red Nose Day on Friday.
DOWN AND UP: Blair McGregor is part of the Flex Fitness group a burpee challenge for Red Nose Day on Friday.

Your bright red nose will be matching your flushed cheeks if you get down - and up again - in the Red Nose Day burpee challenge.

Flex Fitness gym wants members to collectively complete 2208 burpees tomorrow to raise money for the annual Cure Kids Red Nose Day.

Flex Fitness manager Craig McShean said the gym held a lot of challenges and jumped at the chance to join one that supported a charity.

"It's the perfect opportunity to do a challenge and help Cure Kids. We want to raise as much money as we can."

McShean encouraged gym members or people off the street to come in and do some burpees and donate to the cause.

"It's good for charity but it's also good for health and fitness as well."

Gymgoer Blair McGregor encouraged people to get to the gym and take part.

"It will get everyone physically going and it's for a good cause, like the ice challenge," he said.

Red Nose Day is also going hi-tech with an app that allows people to put a digital red nose on their photos and upload them to social media.

Cure Kids' chief executive Vicki Lee said the 2013 appeal was "incredible", but she wanted to try something new for 2014 and make this year's Red Nose Day the biggest yet.

"At every level, New Zealanders really get behind Red Nose Day and we want to make sure everyone has fun while they're at it - our new Red Nose Day app will definitely ensure that," she said.

"Finding cures for serious illnesses that Kiwi kids live with is something that we can all help achieve."

More than 400 schools and businesses have signed up to bake, create, build and compete in sporting challenges in the coming weeks to raise money, with several in Palmerston North, Lee said.

Fundraisers on the day will be at Flex Fitness, VTNZ, Crossfit Mana, Zenith Fitness, Massey University and Eru Brown gymnasium, as well as several playcentres and schools.

The Red Nose Day app can be downloaded by texting NOSE to 933.

Cure Kids funds research into cures and better treatments for a wide range of childhood illnesses. These include cot death, leukaemia, rheumatic heart disease, asthma, inherited heart conditions and mental health conditions.

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