Repair work set for January

00:00, Sep 01 2014

Improvements to Palmerston North's Botanical Rd-Tremaine Ave roundabout are on the road again, with work expected to start in January.

The project includes repairing the surface, which carries a lot of heavy vehicles, and enlarging the central island to slow traffic and improve safety.

City council road planning team leader David Lane said the work had been put on hold because of uncertainties about how it would affect a 33Kv underground cable, and the first batch of tenders were returned unopened.

"We now fully understand the issues with Powerco and the cables, the designs are done and we are going out to tender."

One of the key changes to the intersection would involve the centre island, to force vehicles to drive around it.

At the moment, straight-through traffic travelling west along Tremaine Ave was barely deflected at all, which allowed people to drive through at higher speeds than were desirable for safety.


Lane said there were several driveways and entrances close to the roundabout that would have to be accommodated within the layout.

There were still opportunities to refine some of the safety features, he said.

A mixture of rehabilitation and minor improvement works, the total budget for the project was around $300,000, with both aspects attracting a taxpayer subsidy.

Signs have gone up at the intersection warning road users of the planned disruptions during the construction work.

Lane said while the intersection would remain open throughout the three-month project, work would proceed more smoothly if motorists could avoid it.

It would be appreciated if heavy vehicle operators, in particular, were able to use alternative routes, he said.

Manawatu Standard