Help wanted with pest planning

Horizons Regional Council wants community feedback about pest control within its borders.

The council is developing a new Pest Management Plan next year and seeks feedback on existing pest control in Manawatu/Whanganui and where it could be improved.

"We'd like to know if the community considers possums, rooks, old man's beard or something else an issue," Horizons biosecurity environmental manager Bill Martyn said.

"What pests need attention, how much effort should we put in and how much are you prepared to invest in it as a ratepayer?"

Horizons chairman Bruce Gordon said the council particularly wanted to hear what more it could do.

Martyn said feedback would be used to create a draft document which would be put out for formal consultation in April 2015.

"This is your opportunity to influence pest management in the region at an early stage," he said.

Feedback can be delivered online at via the ‘Pest plant and animal' page, email, call toll free 0508 800 800, write to Freepost 217922 or by contacting councillors directly.

Manawatu Standard