Garden centres brace for weekend

23:00, Oct 22 2009

It is a big weekend for the garden centres and they all hope it will be fine enough, and the ground will dry out enough, for vegetable planting.

Labour Weekend usually means two things – gardening and unsettled weather.

A lot of people plant summer flowers and vegetables at Labour Weekend, deep in the knowledge, or hope, that the frosts are over.

Saleswoman Mandy Pedley at Pedleys Nursery and Garden Centre in Feilding said the tough economic times have meant more people are going back to gardening, in an effort to save household spending.

"We're selling more fruit trees, things like gooseberries, cape gooseberries, kiwifruit, raspberries and the citrus trees have been in demand," she said.

She said generally when money was tight, people put in larger gardens, and some were even growing things to eat in pots on their deck.

Preparations for this weekend have been long under way at the family-owned nursery. They began weeks ago by sowing seeds in a hot box, pricking the seedlings out into punnets which then went in to glasshouses, and finally hardening the young plants ready for sale.

Pedley's nursery is old-fashioned, in that people can buy plants wrapped in newspaper.

"It means if someone wants just two cabbages, two cauliflowers and two broccoli, they can buy them," said Darrell Lindop, a salesman at the nursery.


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