Stargazers make night skies perfectly clear

Brush the cobwebs off that telescope, get those binoculars out from the cupboard and take them down to Palmerston North's Square tomorrow for the Great Telescope Amnesty.

The Palmerston North Astronomical Society will have members who know all about telescopes and binoculars on hand to have a look and talk to all-comers about how they work, what problems there might be and who can help fix them.

"People buy a telescope and often don't know how to use it, and how to get the best out of it.

"Perhaps they put it away in the cupboard," said Ian Cooper, the astronomical club's president. "Well, bring telescopes or binoculars in for us to have a look at ... We'll be just by the information centre in The Square and we know we can help and advise people."

The open day from 10am to 2pm is part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Galilean Nights project.

The Levin Stargazers are also hosting a Galilean Night at Manawatu College in Foxton tomorrow.

The free night kicks off at 7pm with a discussion on Italian astronomer Galileo and what he saw for the first time 400 years ago.

After the sun has gone down the school field will be lined with telescopes for people to look through.

Manawatu Standard