Pigs deserve better says animal rights group

00:00, Apr 05 2010
Catherine Amey, Tracey Waters and Sophie Quartley
CRAMPED: From left, Catherine Amey, Tracey Waters and Sophie Quartley, 10, in The Square.

Animal rights group Safe – Save Animal from Exploitation – says the recently released draft code of welfare for pigs is not good enough.

The public can now make submissions on the code, drafted by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. Agriculture Minister David Carter last year ordered the committee to review the code after a spate of publicity about the conditions in which pigs are kept in – including comedian Mike King's and Safe's televised expose of a pig farm.

Local Safe co-ordinator Mary Murray said the group was concerned the new code would still allow pigs to be kept in confined spaces.

Fourteen members of the group – some dressed as pigs – handed out about 200 post cards for people to send to prime minister John Key, urging him to act.

"It wasn't intended as a major demonstration. We just wanted to draw attention to the issue," Ms Murray said.

The draft code would not stop sows being "cruelly confined" – in breach of the Animal Welfare Act.

It would be illegal to keep a dog in similar conditions, she said.

Similar demonstrations were held around the country.


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