Young inventor makes TV debut

01:39, Aug 05 2011
Inventive: Madison Alexander, 11, from Newbury School, was sick of carrying around empty yoghurt containers so she decided to create one she could eat.

Fed up with empty yoghurt containers making a mess of her lunchbox, Madison Alexander decided to take matters into her own hands.

After watching Let's Get Inventin', a television show that allows children to create and test out their inventions, 11-year-old Madison approached her mother Cheryl Phillips with the idea of creating an edible yoghurt container.

With her parents' full support, Madison registered her idea on the Let's Get Inventin' website in March last year. More than 1000 children entered their ideas and Madison was one of nine children chosen.

And now, after months of waiting and a week of nonstop filming, Madison's friends and family will find out if her invention was successful when the episode airs this Sunday at 5pm.

The idea for an edible yoghurt container stemmed from Madison's school, which introduced a zero waste policy in 2010 requiring all students to take their rubbish home with them at the end of the day.

"If we had yoghurt it was a pain to clean out your lunchbox every day. It would go all through your bag and all through your lunchbox and I would have to get a new one," Madison explained.


She said when she found out her idea had been selected for the show, she screamed and jumped up and down with excitement.

"I was jumping up and down all the way down the hallway."

To celebrate Madison's TV debut, Ms Phillips said friends and family were coming over to watch the episode together. "She wants cupcakes and popcorn," Ms Phillips said.

Newbury School principal Kerry Rickard said he had no doubt Madison would be great.

"She has a quirky sense of humour and a great stage presence."

Madison has been sworn to secrecy about the outcome of her invention, and Mr Rickard said she had done very well keeping quiet.

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