Police to ensure stop means stop

23:00, Mar 12 2012

With a change to road rules fast approaching, Palmerston North police are launching a campaign to put a stop to bad behaviour at intersections.

Changes to the give-way rules kick in at 5am on March 25.

Senior Sergeant Brett Calkin said as of today police would be focusing on both stop and give-way intersections.

A video recorder would be used to film motorists rolling past stop signs, he said.

"If we get footage of somebody committing a traffic offence at these intersections then we'll be posting them out a ticket," Mr Calkin said.

He said driver behaviour was so bad at some intersections that police could ticket 20 or 30 drivers in 30 minutes.


"The idea is to remind members of the public that ... you have to come to a complete stop," Mr Calkin said.

He said the video recorder would be primarily used at stop signs, but also at give-way signs.

Police would also be speaking to each of the drivers ticketed about the changes to the give-way rules and would be handing out pamphlets.

Mr Calkin said he was not expecting the changeover to be dramatic in Palmerston North.

"I'm confident that we will do very well on this and that we won't have a large number of crashes on day one," he said.

"I think the public are generally pretty conscientious when it comes to uncontrolled intersections."

He encouraged people to be courteous at intersections, particularly around the time of the changes.

A website has been created to help drivers learn the new give-way rules in advance. The website, giveway.co.nz, gives users the opportunity to teach themselves the rules through an interactive training game.

Manawatu Standard