Siblings showcase movie

20:06, Apr 18 2012
Sjaan and Oli Toomey-Jakobs
Young talent: Oli Toomey-Jakobs, 8, and his sister Sjaan Toomey-Jakobs, 6, have made a film about compost for the Reel Earth Film Festival in Palmerston North.

For the past seven years, greenies from around the world have come together to showcase their movies at Palmerston North's Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival.

But this year's festival will for the first time include a section that gives young filmmakers the chance to show off their cinematic talents.

The festival runs at Downtown Cinemas between May 11 and 19, and will feature 56 global films, documentaries, dramatisations, animations and mockumentaries all with an environmental bent.

Manawatu brother and sister team Sjaan and Oli Toomey-Jakobs, aged 6 and 8, have filmed a two-minute-long piece on compost for the youth competition.

Sjaan filmed the movie on her mother's smart phone and Oli was the front-man.

The idea for pair's movie, C is for Compost, came from a small bin the family keep in their vegetable garden.


"You put biodegradable things in [the compost bin] and you have to leave it in there for an amount of time and it just goes away into soil somehow  its part work of the flies I reckon,'' Oli said.

"Compost helps makes the rhubarb grow huge and I love rhubarb pie.''

As part of the competition, Sjaan and Oli could win a $900 smart phone.

Oli said he was not sure what he would do with the phone should they win the competition.

"I guess I'd share it with my sister and I'd use it to call Scott too. He's my best friend.''

Their mother, Victoria Jakobs, is the Reel Earth festival associate director.

She said the festival organising committee was looking for an interesting way to engage young people with the environment.

"Our big focus is the environment is for everyone, but especially for the people of the future.

"We're doing the damage now that they're going to have to live with.

"So it was coming up with something fun that kids would understand the concept of.

"The more aware they are from a young age, the better our guardianship will be for the future generations.''

The youth section is called EF-FACTOR and is open to anyone 21 years or younger who live in the Horizons region, which includes Tararua, Manawatu, Horowhenua, Rangitikei, Wanganui, Ruapehu and parts of Waitomo, Taupo and Stratford.

The competition requires participants to make a two minute environmental film, on any topic beginning with the letter C.

Entries close May 4 with finalists and winners announced at the Reel Big Night Out at the Regent on Broadway on May 19.

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