Masseur 'can't remember' touching

00:00, May 16 2012

A Palmerston North masseur accused of inappropriately touching a client says he thought her session went so smoothly he considered using her as a reference during his first trial.

Brendon Clive Dorn, 35, is facing a charge of indecently assaulting a female client during an appointment at Body in Balance on March 30, 2008.

He has already been convicted on a count of indecent assault relating to a different Body in Balance client in January 2008, when he slipped his fingers into her underwear. Dorn then embarked on an unsuccessful fight to keep his name secret.

The new complainant has told Palmerston North District Court that Dorn made inappropriate comments about sexual positions, before he rubbed his hands around her breast area and "cupped" them on two occasions.

Dorn's defence is that he cannot remember any inappropriate touching, and that if he did touch the woman in her breast area, it was part of a normal massage technique.

Yesterday, he said he remembered the new complainant's appointment going well.


"I was going to ring her as a reference for my first trial," he said.

Dorn said he had massaged the woman around her upper sternum and chest region, but his hands had not wandered below the towel or sheet covering the woman's breasts.

"I don't remember it," he told the court.

"If it happened, it wouldn't have been cupping, it would have been a proper massage stroke."

He admitted he had spoken to the woman about sexual positions.

Crown prosecutor Esme Killeen asked him if he was "excited" about imparting his advice.

"More timid and embarrassed," he said.

"I probably should not have mentioned it."

Before massaging clients, Dorn said he would tell them what their session would involve and then talk them through the procedure while they were on the massage table.

He remembered talking to the woman, but couldn't recall much of the massage itself.

Notes taken from the woman's appointment, written by Dorn, say she received a massage to the upper chest region.

Companies Office records show Dorn is no longer recorded as a director or shareholder at Body in Balance.

The trial is due to finish today and Judge Gerard Lynch, who is sitting without a jury, has indicated he will reserve his decision.

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